About this site

Welcome! This is a site where I share my take on subjects that interest me and ideas that excite me.

My hope is to reach as many of my friends and like-minded people around the world, engage them in stimulating conversations, and to learn and improve from our shared experiences.

While I have worn many hats in my life, I am a programmer by trade. By that I mean, someone who uses computers and programming tools to solve problems. While I will not try to hide this bend in my explorations in this site, all avenues will be pursued to make the ideas reach as far and wide as possible. I sincerely hope that I am able to engage you irrespective of your professional background or technical depth.

I have kept this site to be minimal and functional, serving the purpose of sharing information and code with as little distractions as possible, while discussing topics that are important to both technical and non-technical audiences. It is organized like a book with chapters. These are documents edited in Visual Studio Code and published directly from a GitHub repository. Using the tools of the trade, so to say.

This site respects your individuality and right to privacy.

It doesn't serve you cookies,
Neither will it pry or spy.
It will not track you, trace you,
Categorize you, profile you or target you. 

You can always share your feedbacks and comments by mail.


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